Guide On Elite/Boss Hunting

Guide On Elite/Boss Hunting


I just want to share what I know on Elite hunting.

I'll describe a Elite Monster.
1. A monster bigger than the other monster around it is definitely an Elite.
2. A monster with the [E] before its name is an elite.
3. They respawn in various places and will respawn at the same spot.
4. They respawn only every 90 minutes after they die.World bosses respawn every 9 hours after they are killed.

I'll be giving you some reasons why you need to hunt these elite monster.
1. They drop gems,crystals.
2. They drop Rare Books.
3. They drop Box chest,box and keys.
4. They give a heavy load of experience.
5. They drop rare Potions

Tips if your going to hunt elite or boss.
1. Bring healing potion.
2. Be at least not 11 levels higher than the boss your hunting.
3. Have at least 150 HP restoration speed.
4. Improve your HP talent
5. If your hunting a boss higher leveled and stronger than you use Anima Potion.
6. Companion is never a bad idea in hunting this monsters.
7. If you have competition in a boss monster and you want the loot make sure you get the 1st hit to get the drops.

If your an Veteran player and too busy leveling to boss/elite hunt make an alternate charater.

I recommend a Warrior Class Elite hunter.
Here is the built, concentrate all your TP on Defense and Absorption, then at least make the HP restoration speed to Level 5.
No attack you say?
Well the skill Blood Claw, Miss or Hit the Bleeding Debuff always have a chance of sticking to the monsters. To improve its damage use the zodiac system and make it at least to level 2.
After you done this and made this char your good to go...
Hunt the elites in your suburbs easy gain gems and crystals and other rares

I post pictures of Elites in suburbs of Sparta..
The Character in it is my character.. CoinToss I forgot its password...


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if it's all about 1st hit mage is the best class for that because of it's skill  FLAME BLAST


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