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Pindus Guide(outdated)new updates=no mobs more points nthin else

Pindus Guide(outdated)new updates=no mobs more points nthin else

MY english guide to pindus mountian battlefield

Hi guys im flamefox and im here givin u a guide on pindus mountain battlefield(pmb)MANY PPL READ THE IGG GUIDE AND THINK ITS ENOUGH BUT IT IS NOT I HAD A VERY DIFF IDEA ABOUT THE BATTLEFIELD BEFORE ENTERING hope this guide helps

well anyone lvl 31+ can enter pindus

first of all this guide is divided into 4 parts
How to score points and
Rewards and tips

each part is a posted as a different post

Well first off all PMB is a war between the two factions in a different way.Faction who scores most points at the end of 45 min wins

here is how the battlefield map looks


u can see that the map is divided into athen area spartan area and nuetral area
i will tell more about these later

im spartan so u will b seeing from the spartan point of view and i have tried and kept the shots as small as possible

Well here is where spartans start


And yes the two main items of the battlefield r
u will learn their uses later. all monsters drop life essence as for holy water u will how to obtain it later

There r two kinds of points, faction and personal
u will learn how to get them later
the event rewards depend on the faction points while the ppl with most personal points get special rewards

well thats all there is in the intro u will see more in the following posts

guide continued

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the guide continues


in the camp(starting place) there r 5 ncp. they r returning helper, pontiff, battlemaster, point searcher and the quartermaster

in this section if the guide u will learn about these ncp

1. Returning Helper:
As his name suggests he helps u to return to sparta or athens depending on your faction

2. Battlemaster:
He gives some info on the PMB like how to win and all
3. Point Searcher:
He saerches and tells the points of own faction, hostile faction, people with most points etc
4. Quartermaster:
He exchanges your life essence for xlnt buffs for his buffs see end of this post
5. Pointiff:
He is the one who turns life essence into holy water. you can have only 1 holy water at a time in bag

here r the buffs from quartermaster
these r all lvl 1 and cost 1 life essence other than cursed blessing
lvl 2 costs 3 essence and lvl 3 costs 5 essence
the higher the level the more time and better buff

thats all in this guide but there is more to b learned

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       How to Get Points

Well if u wanna win u gotta get points as i said the faction with the most points wins
Now there r 3 ways of gettin points
1.killin athens/spartans
2.using holy water and altars
3.killing monsters
  well killin/spartans athens gives 5 points to personal as well as faction
this is the best way of scoring points
there r 2 types of altar athen fortune altar and sparta fortuna altar
holy water can b turned into altars to get points
if u turn in own altar(spartan turns in sparta altar and vice-versa)u get 30 points both personal and faction
actually for every personal point u score your faction gets faction point
if u turn in in enemy altar, u get 100 points
u saw that the map is divided into 3 parts
killin monsters in nuetral area gives equal points as the monsers lvl, but this is hard cause all monsters here r lvl 95+ elite
u cannot get into other faction area cause of gaurds
kinnlin monsters in own area gives
(take n to b the lvl of the monster)n-5/10 points
for killing a lvl 105 monster u get 105-5/10 points = 10 points
Well there is one more way that comes under killing monsters
slaying the pindus dragon
it is the strongest monster of the game
i cant determine his hp but for example if 1 lvl 120 warrior and 5 more lvl 100 mage and 5 lvl 100 champ(all offensive classes)fight the drag ittl take about 10 min of continuos attacking to kill it. but it all pays of cause the faction gets 10000 points
well thats all in this post the next one is the last one plz continue

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      Rewards and Tips

well some ppl say this is the best event cause of the rewards it gives
actually this is the evnt that gives most rewards
wanna see them?
quite a lot huh? well even the losing faction gets but it gets lesser rewards

Now there r some ppl who just get 10 points and stp playing pindus but then go collect the rewards
while some ppl play hard and get points
well everyone in the faction get the same points but there r some spacial titles for the 5 players who killed mast athens/spartans and for the 10 players who got most personal points these titles last 1 week

i did not get any more titles but f i get ill add them too
u will also get Pans invitation 5
to get this go talk to the battlefield awarder
both factions will get the invitation

its best to have 2 to 3 good healers at the entrance of the camp to heal the ppl who r goin out many ppl die here even the lvl 120s die so they need back their health and thats why this in neccasary

if u have any questions pm me or just post on this thread

end of guide

thanks to cadmus for allowing me to take his screenshot

plz say somethin before leavin

PS:the points on the igg guide r wrong cuse they had changed in the last upgrade

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I got Score King this morning in Venus. xD

I think it's a good guide, beside the big letters and color, but oh well. If I understood, others should.


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thank you, nice guide..
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should i change the color size and all novanaga?

and if u have any questions u can ask


  he2 i also get score king title in gemini server.recently migrate to gemini as atheniands(xD im spartan)..wanna try how it like in atheniands faction


Nature Born Killer - Chloe - now deleted =))

Can u make a Curse Buff guide ?


the next time i get to the field ill maybe make a guide of the buffs


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