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[Guide] Lost Book Event

[Guide] Lost Book Event


2-Sheepskins Scrolls
3-Ancient Relics
4-Lost Book Chapters


The Lost Book Event was released in the past update (version 1.0.225) and implemented in the actual version (version 1.0.230). This event mix tree events well known by now for almost all users, combines the Spy event, Marathon race and Wishing Pool, making this new event something interesting.
This event starts every 2 hours in Athenian and Spartan main city. It’s good to know that this event it’s every 2 hours in par hours, for example 12:00 am then 2:00 am and so long. Also it will be announced like the Spy Master appears; with the same characteristics but the ones that invade is the Evil Boogey Man with his own invaders. They appear all over the main cities of each faction but not in 3 rounds just 1 round only and in random places.


The Sheepskin Scrolls are dropped by these monsters once they get killed with the same particularity that they are some trade able and some not, it depends on the drop. There are 7 different kinds of Scrolls, and each one has its own purpose. You can difference them only by their title;

Sheepskin Scroll 1; Sheepskin Scroll 2; Sheepskin Scroll 3; Sheepskin Scroll 4; Sheepskin Scroll 5; Sheepskin Scroll 6; Sheepskin Scroll 7.

Another way to get this Sheepskins Scrolls is talking to the NPC near the transporter at main citys (of Athen im sure, im not sure if the same NPC its near Spartan transporter of main city) named Mysterious Elder (in Athens Faction at least). This NPC gives you 1 Sheepskin Scroll ramdomly each hour.


Once we have our Sheepskin Scrolls if we look at their description we can see that they are used for get a part of the Lost Book. Each one from the Sheep 1 to Sheep 7 must be exchanged at a particular Ancient Relic. In the same Sheep you can see the name of the Map where the Ancient Relic is and the coordenades.
Once we reach to the specific Ancient Relic  if we have in our inventory for example 3 Sheepskin Scrolls 6 we can exchange them all. Each time we exchange a Sheepskin we win 500 Experience Points and get a Part of the Lost Book.
Here is where the 7 Ancient Relics are in each Map of Athens Faction;

Ancient Relic 1: Corresponds to Sheepskin Scroll 1 – Athens Subs (Red Dot in the screen)

Ancient Relic 6: Corresponds to Sheepskin Scroll 6 – Athens Subs (Blue Dot in Screen)

Ancient Relic 5: Corresponds to Sheepskin Scroll 5 – Marathon (Red Dot in the Screen)
Ancient Relic 2: Corresponds to Sheepskin Scroll 2 – Marathon (Blue Dot in the Screen)

Ancient Relic 4: Corresponds to Sheepskin Scroll 4 – Parnitha (Red Dot in the Screen)
Ancient Relic 3: Corresponds to Sheepskin Scroll 3 – Parnitha (Blue Dot in the Screen)

Ancient Relic 7: Corresponds to Sheepskin Scroll 7 – Megara Coast (Red Dot in the Screen)


Once we have exchanged all Sheepskin Scrolls for Lost Book Chapters in the Ancient Relics we are ready for do the final part of this event. We have to teleport us to our Faction Main city and talk to the Mysterious Elder. Once we click on him and start speaking he gives us 3 options for claim the Lost Book. If we don’t have the 7 chapters we can exchange the Chapters 1+2+3 for an Incomplete Lost Book as also the chapters 4+5+6. The only way we can exchange the Lost Book complete it’s having the 7 chapters.

Once we have exchanged the chapters and have the Lost Book (complete or Incomplete) we are able now to go to the Wishing Pool, where we can give the Complete or incomplete Book 5 times each day and claim our reward.

As I saw till now the rewards can be Crystals Lv1, Lv2, Gems, Exp, TP in the cases of we deliver the Incomplete Book. In the cases we deliver the complete book it says that it gives a bigger reward.


If we want to sell the Sheepskin Scrolls we can do them mostly because they are trade able, in live support workers told me that the price of sell its around 10.000 silver each one. But there is a fact, you can sell all of them but the most hard to get is the part 7 of the Sheepskin Scrolls and in all users I saw they got it was not trade able.

I hope this guide helps, and if it is incomplete be free to modify it.

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live support can't know the price of the market in game since they don't play and as I saw this morning when I logged in for a minute, people were selling those scrolls for 50k-150k each.


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yeap that happened too but i asked and they told me 10k or less and now in server they are all selling at 1k or 3k tops hehe....maybe im an user with influence there hehe...


Influence....yeah we could say...

The leader of the top guild in artemis lols


Lol thanks for this useful guide! i was kinda lost with this damn books >.> but now i see it was easier than i thought, thanks a shurdy


NP, glad to help


thx for ur guide.!!^_^


Im in trouble...

My lvl 32 Frezzie! got the chapter 7 today..

And well as any lvl 32 i cant get to the relic N. 7 too much crocs


i made a lost book today^_^

i change it in wishing pool=lvl3 crystal only 1 pCs what tHE^_^..


good post!! very usefull..
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