[Champion] Which attributes are the best for Gear ?

Which attributes are the best for Gear ?

After comparing two tables of the attribute of Gear and Enhancment Gear, at last I conclude this table.This will help you find the best gear for you.In this table I only conclude about the items for Champion.Next time, if i am free enough , i will complete all the table
First is Spear
Spear can be enhanced by dusts:
Physical Attack+,Max HP+,HP Restoration Speed+
Thus,Spear should have these attributes
,  Crit Bonus,  Physical Damage+, ( You can use flame Spark to add attributes for Gear )

Physical Helmet
Physical Attack+,Max HP+
Physical Helmet should have:
,  Hit Rating,  Crit Bonus,  Physical Damage,

Physical Armor
Physical Defense+,Damage Absorption,Max HP+,HP Restoration Speed+
Physical Cuirass should have
,  Dodge Rating,   Healing Done

Pysical Leggings
Physical Defense+,Magical Defense+,HP Restoration Speed+
Leggings should have
   Dodge Rating,   Crit Resistance

Physical Cuffs
Physical Defense+,Magical Defense+,HP Restoration Speed+
Cuff should have
  Hit Rating,   Crit Resistance,  Healing

Physical Gloves
Physical Attack+,Magical Attack+
Gloves should have
   Hit Rating   Crit Bonus,   Physical Damage
Physical Boots
Damage Absorption,Max HP+,HP Restoration Speed+,Max MP+
Dodge Rating,   Crit Resistance,Healing

Damage Absorption,Max HP+,Max MP+,MP Restoration Speed+
Girdle should have
Crit Resistance,  HP Res Spd+
Damage Absorption,Max MP+
Amulet should
Dodge Rating+,   Crit Resistance,     Healing Done,

Physical Attack+,Magical Attack+,Max HP+
Ring should have
Crit Bonus,   Physical Damage

If you are rich and have a lot of money, you will be able to creat yourself a Set of Champion with 4 most important opotions for each Gear .

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uh . . . is this a question or a guide?


  ok i get it...ahm no



Isnt it simpler to just say:

enchace to eternal (or was it epic?) with saphires

use emeralds to upgrade to "suprise lvl?"

and then use the nine diffrent stones 4 times each

and then repeat the procces with all the gear u have (better be max lvl gear)


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you can only put 4 atribut on each gear, and some atributs dont have stones ( like cyber said, phisical damages % and ect)  and it is obiously costy to only use maling  to upgrade ur equ when u can go to cz and get 3/4 atributes equ ( it wont be perfect but it can be nearly perfect and then perfecting it with a bit of malling)  and emerald dont upgrade to suprise level -,-  it incrase the eficiency of added atributes

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its a nice try but there is this problem...
you need a lot of e-gold or gold for this...
so I would suggest what gpt said and that if you don't like the stat at least you can give it
another go on compounding it ..and if you know how to give it four attributes on compounding then all should be settle with a little bit of emerald and sapphires


What are the best items and methods for refining ?
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if u mean to conpond, try counponding a 3/4 stats item with other 3/4 stats items, grade dont mater because u an alwasy gem anyway ( geming to good grade cost way less then adding stats trhoug malling) somtime else that seem to also work is it seem to get beter results when u conpound with items higher level ( ex: if posible, use lev 3 lev 90 items on a lev 40 item). it seem to give beter result in term of % of having a 4 stats items and beter grades/quality

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