Talia's Mage Guide

Talia's Mage Guide


The Mage class is predominantly a “sniping” class, meant for hit and run. If you plan on running into a pile of enemies to either tank their damage or cast a pile of aoes all at once, go champion or warrior. Their defense is low, their hp is low, they don’t have the dodge of priests…but they DO have all ranged attacks, heavy magical damage, and chance for criticals. At higher levels they have the potential to kill others in 1 shot, and almost always 2 unless someone’s hp is very high. They are a great support class in fighting group pvp, as well as in 1 on 1 combat.

The Talent Build.

Note: This build guide is for you non-tp farmers out there, who plan on leveling up quickly. For tp farmers it will change a bit. ;)

Of the 18 available talents, by level 90 a mage will need just about all of them. The issue isn’t which talent to use, but when to use them.

The divisions:

Magic attack string: Basic Intellect, Basic Summoning, Improved Fire, Gorgon’s Blood
        Note: Basic Intellect is the top talent and is included here because this string should always be the highest level of talents.

Critical string: Improved Hit, Eagle Eye, Dionysus’ Carnival

Basic defense string: Basic Absorption, Lore of Staves, Congeal

Magic defense string: Basic Mana Shield, Natural Defense

Tenacity string: Lore of Air, Storm Shield

Hp string: Lore of Water, Elosmith’s Mystery

Mp string: Lore of Earth, Gaea’s Energy

From levels 1-50:
The only talents you will really need are your magic attack string and the first 2 talents in the basic defense string. Gorgon’s Blood can also be omitted, because you won’t really see a difference from it until higher levels anyway. I build with a 2:1 ratio of matk : def talents. If you find yourself missing a lot (it happens, it’s annoying), add the first two talents of the critical string also, but you probably won’t need them any higher than level 2 or 3.
By level 50, aim for magic attack around lvl 10 each, defense lvl 5 each, hit lvl 3 each. Higher is just fine.

Levels 50-65:
On the Athens side, many repeats starting at level 50 deal with magic mobs, therefore you will now need your magic defense talents. I would think about raising the first one around level 48 so you are ready to grind on the witches and necromancers. For Spartan players will be grinding on more melee mobs, so increased defense will be needed, and not as much magic defense. Basic Mana Shield will need to be higher than Natural Defense because it opens up the other bottom strings that you will need for pvp later on (Spartans may not need the 2nd mdef at all until 60 or so). Try not to put too much tp into the second mdef talent, as it isn’t really needed to be too high if you get decent magic gear to use. At this point the ratio changes a bit because of more talents needing to be used.
By level 65 aim for level 15 matk talents, level 8 defense talents, level 8 magic defense talent 1 and level 5 magic defense talent 2. Raise/lower defense and magic defense talents as needed for grinding in quests.

Levels 65-80
At level 70 you will need a large amount of defense for grinding in the Mob/Robber camps. 70 is also where a lot of pvp starts coming into play, and mages will get one of their best pvp skills, Lightblade, at 75. From 65 to 70, you need to balance the talents between grinding ability and combat.

Combat talents:

Dionysus’ Carnival: gives an increased chance for critcals. A critical is normal damage x 1.5. The critical talent adds 1.2 to your crit, so every 5 talent levels will give you extra crit.

For example: Dionysus' Carnival level 1 = +1 crit shown (actually 1.2 total). Level 2 = +2 crit shown (2.4 total). By the time you get to level 5, the bonus is +6. Every 5 levels you get an extra crit point.

Lore of Air: Adds dodge, helps against mobs, bosses, and fighting.

Storm Shield: Adds tenacity, which reduces the chance of someone critting you. Excellent talent for fighting champs. However, even if your tenacity is higher than someone’s crit stat, they can still crit you…just not very often.

Level 70.

By level 70, you will want your magic attack talents to be level 16, hit/crit level 5 minimum, defense level 10, and tenacity level 5 minimum.

Magic attack goal (includes any altar bonus): 1000

You will also need to start adding points into Congeal, up to level 8 or so to help tank the camp mobs. Points should be put into both talents in the hp string, too. Hp regen will help with grinding, and max hp helps you survive pvp. Mage hp is very low, you are going to need the boost later on.

Mages come into their power around level 80. You get your first Lightblade skill. You get fire lotus 2. And you get magic attack rings, the Capricorns.

By level 80:

Magic attack goal (again…altars included): 1250

Magic Attack talents should be level 20…ALL of them. This means if you have not done so, raise Gorgon’s Blood up by 80. It will make a huge difference. The critical string should all be up to level 10 at this point, higher is fine. Your first two defense talents should be around level 14 or 15, level 10 on the 3rd absorption talent. Storm Shield should be level 15, again, higher is fine. The hp talents should both be at level 10. I think at this point my Natural Defense talent was level 9 or 10, you don’t really need it until 80 when you get a particularly nasty quest to kill skeleton mages. If you can, get help for those quests, and keep that 2nd talent as low as possible to save points for others.

Equipment: At level 80, for combat you want to get equips with certain stats. All offensive gear (hat, gloves, staff, rings) should have level 2 matk, mdmg % bonuses, and crit or hit if possible. All defensive gear should have lvl 2 defense and/or lvl 2 abs, and critical resistance. Dodge is also helpful. The higher your tenacity, the better you will do in pvp. Same goes for your magic dmg %.

Level 90.

Magic attack goal: 1500

Best thing…you get lightblade 2. You get the Plataea/Derveni repeat quests to grind fast.
Now is the time to also start considering which gear to gem. If you plan on leveling fast and flying through the 90s, don’t gem too much unless you get some really nice stuff (Magic attack rings are exception, those will be used for many many levels. If you get an awesome ring, gem that baby).

By level 90, your magic attack talents should be level 25, hit/crit level 15+, defense 15-20 (only the first 2), dodge/tenacity 18-20, hp’s 15.

At 90…you get Lightblade 2. It’s not much of an upgrade. All the other classes get upgraded skills also. After 90 everyone starts hitting harder. If you can get max hp bonuses on your equipment, great. The more hp you have, the better off you will be in pvp. People also start getting the greater skills by this point, and can really take out damage with them. If you don’t want to be killed in 1 shot…get more hp. Upgrade your belt. Every little bit helps.

By level 100…

Magic Attack Goal (Yes, with altars): 1800

You should have your magic attack talents to level 30.
Hit and crit talents should all be 20-25. Defense around 20.
Tenacity talents 20-25. Hp talents 20. Get as many really good gears as you can for 100, because at this point leveling slows down. >.< (As if you didn’t think it was slow before ).

From 100, raise your talents as you see you need them. If you miss a lot, add some hit. If you are getting crit a lot, add some tenacity. If you are losing a lot of health, add some hp. At all times, keep your magic attack talents the highest. At this point I am focusing on maxing my matk to 40, while adding some hit, crit, hp or tena along the way as I need it. Matk will be maxed by lvl 110.

To all those tp farming mage characters: You can follow the guide, but obviously you will be hitting the talent marks at much earlier levels, and so may not need defense or tenacity as high in the ratio. Always keep your magic attack high, but raise the other talents as you seem to need them.

Basic Leveling:
Just briefly, if you plan on leveling fast, get a full party and grind repeat quests. It will push your exp as well as give you decent tp gain. If the monsters don’t hit too hard, use a starshower/thundercloud -> flame blast -> fireball/lightball/lightblade setup for afk. If you can’t handle too many at once and need to kill them quickly, you can use Fire Lotus -> Thunder -> Lightball/Lightblade. Just suggestions, alter if you find a different setup works better for you.

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First rule of mage combat:          MOVE.
Never stop moving. Don’t hold still except to cast. Once you cast 1 skill, move again before casting the next. Standing in one spot and trying to spamm skills will most likely get you killed. You have the advantage of hitting and running circles around your target, so use it to your advantage.

Second rule of mage combat:          Use your Silence.
It’s a nasty skill, everyone hates being silenced. It gives you 10 seconds to do as much damage as possible. When someone is running at you, start silencing them. They will probably get one hit in before it lands. As soon as they are silenced, back up a step and start Lightblading away. Melee classes such as champs and warriors can skill do decent damage poking you in close range, so keep your distance. Count down the 10 seconds as you are fighting so you know when the silence will end. If you are fighting a champ, he needs to be dead by that time or he/she will AoE you to death as soon as able.
Fire Lotus is the other skill usually used in pvp. It has a 2 second  cast time. Cast it around second 7-8, and hopefully that will kill them. If not, try to circle around until your silence has cooled down and try again.

Third rule of mage combat:          Know your range.
AoEs have the longest range, but are not usually used in pvp. Silence and Lightblade have the next longest range; test it out a lot on mobs so you know how far away you can be and still hit people. Shortest range skills are Fire Lotus and Thunder.

Fourth rule of mage combat:          Watch your health.
You are going to get hit, so be prepared to take some damage. If you keep your magic attack high enough, you can run into combat with an hp/mp hat on. This helps absorb some of the hits. Once you are down near 2/3 health and your enemy is silenced, switch to a magic attack hat for harder hitting.

Fifth rule of mage combat:           If you are going to die, take others with you!
Mages have a suicide skill. It’s like setting off a bomb. Fireblast. Yes, sometimes you can dodge your own blast, but more often than not it will hit you. Sometimes even crit you. If a pile of enemies are heading your way, odds are you aren’t going to survive. A mage is not a tank. You can run from them….or you can nuke. It has a 5 second cast, but the damage is incredible, especially if it crits. And besides that…it’s just fun!

The mage class can be annoying to play at lower levels, but eventually it is a lot of fun (as the ability to 1 shot people usually is). Learn the class, learn your build, and learn to work with your teammates. Good luck!

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very nice informative guide   thumbs up !
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Only 1250 at 80...
I'm all good then

Nice guide for beginner!


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nice guide, i was rising my mage in this way and he's doing fine ;)
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Hehe, looks like I will have to actually use mage armor and take some of these Mages seriously.

Too bad I know how to fight Mages, even without my mage armor. I would post a counter-attack for people who are not Mages, but I think they should suffer for underestimating Mages in general.

Edit: Well, just decided to show off my Mage's talents. I stopped using him about 3 or 4 weeks ago, pretty good talents though.

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forum hater makes a guide
serious? lol


wow thanks for the guide i think my 1:1 talent ratio was soo wrong lol though i do get tremendous hp XD
UPDATES: I just love GodsWar!! ^^


On all classes 1:1 build is wrong

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even with all talents maxed out, fen?
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