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Aqueon's Nimini Mage Guide

Aqueon's Nimini Mage Guide

Mages’ Guide to be A Nimini Beast

Here is a simple short guide on how to make your mage as powerful as it can be and stretch your char’s abilities to the limit.

Talent Points:

Nothing much to discuss about since it’s a must to make you TP full. A little advice on which talent slots to prioritize when upgrading: MATK Column => Hit Rate/Crit Bonus Column=>/Defense Absorb Column=> Mdef Column (Just the mdef slots) => HP/HP Regen Column=> Dodge Rate/Tenacity Column=> MP/MP Regen Column.
Tips to get tons talent points:
•        War Materials Quest
Note: Make sure when doing this quest nobody is doing it in your guild except you. Ask permission from other members.
•        Spies
Note: Always cast Flameblast at spawn points of spy captains. Not only does the spy captain drop TS 2/3 there are also spies surrounding that area so, you’ll be getting at least 50-80 TP per spawn.
•        Sicily
Note: You can do this every Friday at 10:00 pm server time EST:-4:00 at least 5 times a day. Also, if you have gotten enough gear enhancing materials from Zeus Event, try getting x10 Sicily Portal Scrolls so you can do Sicily quests anytime besides Sicily event on Friday.
•        Quiz
Note: You could see sometimes that someone topped the quiz and says he’s a geek but he’s not. There’s actually a trick, so find it out yourself. ~_0
•        TP Farming
Note:  The only place advisable to TP Farm is at Drags Spot. Use TP Potions and guild double talent point. If you want to you can be an alchemist and make some TP potion VII (300% TP gain). Some say use only 100% TP gain potion for 8 hours cuz’ it saves but if you have TP Potion VII 8 pieces, try using it for 8 hours and you can gain about more than 900 TP after Farming instead of the usual 400-500 TP.
•        Lost Book
Note: Lost book is one of the major sources of TP in GW because if you’re lucky you can gain an average of 200-500 TP or more gained in 5 exchanges of Lost Book. Also, if you want to always get a SS7, have your Mage spam Flameblast and Thundercloud at the lower spawn point of EBM and also have a Champ Alt at the Middle to Spam Area Skills, and if you have a sturdy computer, you can have another mage at the Top Spawn Point of EBM. Question: Why have a champ in the Middle Spawn point of EBM, why not a Mage? Because it has 2 or more random places at the Middle and it’s hard to Spam Flameblast at 2 or more places at once plus, a champ can steal an EBM more than a mage does even at low level and has instant area skills.
PS: TP is gained harder than exp so focus more on TP Farming than exp Farming since you only need exp for your Holy Suit and you want to stay at a nimini char.
         Leveling as IGG says is as easy as Pie and if you want to gain much experience click this site for info:
Additional: Zeus Gift Event: He didn’t put Zeus as one of the ways to get EXP there so, I’m adding it up.
Gear Build:
It’s not that hard to get perfect gears mage at Nimini since you can get those from BIA. But I’m just gonna give you the list of gear attributes your gear must have if you don’t know. Additional: BIA Boots aren’t advisable for Mage since it has MP Respd attribute instead of HP Respd. We are a runner class so we need HP Respd, but if you desperately need MP Respd you can choose it if you want to but, at full TP, you won’t have any trouble at MP(You can rarely see mages use MP ring at 110).
Legend: Bold Attributes are suggested.

Two-Handed Wand: MATK, Crit Bonus, MagDmg%, Max HP/Hit Rate.
Note: Crit Bonus and Max HP is most advisable For Mage. Use Hit Rate if you have less than 450 Hit rate.

Gloves: MATK, Crit Bonus, Hit Rating, MagDmg%.
        Note: Nothing much to change, just stick with BUA Gloves. I’ve seen ar5 Mages Using Quest Gloves with Lvl 1 Matk, so be really particular with gear Attributes so you won’t be spending more money.

Helmet: MATK, Hit Rate, MagDmg, Max HP/Crit Bonus/Max MP.
        Note: Only add Crit bonus if you have 30k Hp without the Max Hp Attribute on Helm, Max MP when you need more mp.

Pdef Armor: PDEF, Max HP, Absorb/Dodge Buff, Dodge Rating
        Note: Remove Absorb when you have 1250 Absorb without Absorb on Armor.

Girdle: PDEF, MDEF, Absorb/Max MP, Max HP.
Note: You can stick to BIA Girdle since it has level 3-4 attributes.

Sleeves: PDEF, MDEF, Hit Rating, Crit Resistance
        Note: Nothing much to change same with leggings.

Leggings: PDEF, MDEF, Dodge Rating, Crit Resistance

Boots: Dodge Rating, Crit Resistance/Absorb, Max HP, HP Respd
        Note: Mages have the lowest Hp that’s why we need to dodge high damage attacks from especially from champs.

Amulet: Dodge Rating, Crit Resistance, Absorb, Dodge Buff/Max MP.
        Note: Max MP if you have Low MP (advised for starters).

Rings: MATK, Crit Bonus, MagDmg%, Max HP
        Note: Don’t Change any of them.

Conclusion: Always base the attribute build of your gears on what your character needs most. So that you don’t get lost I’m going to give you attribute goals which you should meet if you want to be a super mage.

Matk: 2200-2300 up                                        Crit Bonus: 90
Def: 1300                                                Tenacity: 70
Mdef: 700                                                MagDmg%: 40
HP: 27000-30000 up                                        Hit Rate: 430-450 up
Absorb: 1200-1300 up                                        Dodge Rate: 350


Mage Zodiac is very simple, it depends upon the characters you always encounter and damage you most at nimini and pindus depending on the situation.

If you managed to open up the 4 attack enhancement slots in zodiac here’s what you should put:
Training: LightBall 3/LightBlade 1, FlameBlast 3/4

Enhancement: Fire Lotus 2, Star Shower 4/Thundercloud 1(Use thunder for 1v1 duel)

If you managed to open up the 8 defense enhancement slots in zodiac here’s what you should put:

Training: LightBall/SwordStorm, LightBlade, WindBlade, Stab 1/Ternary Curse

Enhancement: Meteor Blast, Thundercloud, Fire Lotus, Spear Hit (Don’t change any of them; just replace them only for 1v1 situation).

If you depend only on free slots here's what you should put:

Training: LightBall 3/LightBlade 1
Enhancement: FireLotus


Training: LightBlade, Stab
Enhancement: Spearhit/Meteor Blast, Fire Lotus


Best Pet for Mage is BRE (Cheaper version of Panda). Talents: Random Event, Heal, Merge. But you can use a Zealous Pixie for your deputy pet while you save money for BRE.

Pet Skills:
Here are suggested skills for your pet:
MATK, Crit Bonus, LifeSteal, Pdef/Mdef, Dodge Rating, Crit Resistance.

Here are other skills that you might want to put in place of anything you don’t need above:
Dodge Buff, Max HP

For Merge:
Advisable Pets for merge:
Zealous/Rational Pixie (Agility), Grumpy Rock Elf (Strength), Brave Loyal Dog (Wisdom)

Note: Use 5 soul contract spirits when signing a soul contract. Make your main pet bound.  Use 5 Merge Spirits for Pet Merge and 5 Rebirth Spirits for rebirth to make sure you max out the potentials of each process and to prevent you from wasting money.

PvP Strategies:

Mage vs. Champ

The easiest character you’ll run into, just have enough def to ward of the attacks. First, hit and run with LightBall 3/4 or LightBlade 1 and wait for him to freeze you. When he freezes you, silence, if he stays use Lotus then Thunder after that hit and run again with LightBall or LightBlade and when freezed again use Fireblast. By then, he would be low on Hp Use Lotus and Thunder o finish him off (Keep distance). But if he still have 30-50% HP, hit and run again until he freezes you then use Silence, and finish with lotus thunder, thundercloud and Star Shower (it’s important to keep your distance while spamming attacks, avoid his attacks as much as you can). If he always runs after silence after you're freezed, chase him by casting star shower, run away from him until lotus cools off (use it as finishing attack). Hit and run again until he freezes you, then, use fireblast. Hit and run again until he goes 5-15% then use Lotus and thunder. If he’s not dead yet, at this point you’ve been reduced much after being freezed while Fireblasting, hit and run until he freezes you or his life is reduced to 5-15%, silence him then Lotus-Thunder Combination.

Mage vs. Warrior

Very different with fighting a champ though they’re both close combat fighters. First hit and run combination, and before or after stun, silence chase him with Lightball and use lotus and thunder if you’re close enough. Why? You need to reduce his HP as much as you can because Warriors have high HP regens, just keep your distance. No matter what, don’t use Fireblast and always spam Lightball or Lightblade when silence is not available, silence when available and use lotus. Just remember to keep your distance. To prepare for finishing combo (HP should be 20-40%), keep spamming lightball or lightblade, when available, silence then use star shower and thundercloud when you chase him. Spam Lightspell combo until he goes 10-20% then use lotus and thunder.

Mage vs. Priest

Use Lotus and thunder as First Skill, then Spam with Lightspell. Keep Spamming until he goes 50-70% then use silence, Cast Lotus and thunder then ThunderCloud 1 or StarShower 4(only one aoe to prevent mana from being used up.) Repeat same technique until he dies. It's not that hard to kill a priest unless he's ar6 and has 90% healing or more. Another Tip, when he uses Gaia Care, Run away and then come back and use Lotus Thunder combination and put some LightSpell Combo in Between.

Mage vs. Mage

Very easy combat. Use Silence as First Skill, If He runs, wait For him to comback then spam Fireblast and Lotus then use thunder. Reduce his HP by Spamming Lightspell. When Silenced, run and wait for silence to cool off, come back to him and when you see him Fireblasting run away a little then Use ThunderCloud then Lotus Thunder combination. Repeat same pattern until he's dead.

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Game Suggestion: Make Cross Server Nimini Battlefield :D
Improve Skill Gameplay :D


Nice Mage Guide Thanks :|

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nice one


Nice guide but dont say BRE is better than smart pet. Its alot worse wen you look at the savvy at higher lvls


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I mean't BRE is the best for those who don't mall(about 50% of the players don't)

Game Suggestion: Make Cross Server Nimini Battlefield :D
Improve Skill Gameplay :D



wow xD , gratz for ur effort to write all these..awesome guide also


BRE is better heal rather than smart's pet
and 2 free rebirth ATM
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It is said there are two sides to each coin. But I still insist in a belief that there is no right or wrong, but a will whether you want to provoke a matter or appease it. Have fun and more power!


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•        TP Farming
Note:  The only place advisable to TP Farm is at Drags Spot.  
and where is this "drags spot?"
is this for sparta or athens ?

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