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[Pet] Q: Pet Rebirth, Skill, & Magic Jade

Q: Pet Rebirth, Skill, & Magic Jade

Just would like to ask questions about pet system.

1. Using pet rebirth after 8x the appearance of the pet changes. What if i use magic jade of another pet would it go back to its original pet form?

2. After using the pet rebirth does it remove the skills you have put in your pet? Ex. your pet is a panda then you put different skills in your panda after rebirth does it goes back to devoured life or does the skills you put in the pet remain?

3. Whats the difference between using Brave rock elf and Smart panda? and whats your recommendation to use? also about the stats difference of both pet.. kindly explain.

Thank you!


1. No you would see the new appearance of the jaded pet

2. No all skills will remain normal, rebirth resets the pets level and increase the pets growth savvy rates, nothing more.

3. Brave rock elf increase your max hp. EX. you have 55k hp, wit brave rock elf you now have 57k hp
    Pandas give you back HP after ever hit you land. When you hit a mob or player a panda will give you back +180hp.
     As for which is better i think they are equally good and if you can you might want to get them both
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what're the savvy points?


Thank you for that informative answer. Well just gotta try finding rock elf in medusa and pray its a brave one. I asked this question because got confuse in building my pet. As of now I got a smart panda and want to try combination of panda --(next)-- rock elf(jade) --(next)-- easter bunny(jade) --(next)-- blue crystal(jade). While putting all this change ill buy the pet skills they have in pet merchant plus heart eyes and heart ward..



Panda's skill works like blood **er ( heals only for every PHYSICAL attack landed ) or does it work for magical attacks too?


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for every successful attack landed


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the elf u get in medusa is an egg...not a jade...so you can't apply it to your smart panda, and you should keep your panda if u have it over a brave elf.

savvy points add to the bonus when you merge...the higher the savvy the bigger the bonus. also,  certain amounts of savvy are needed to use pet skills.
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What is the difference between jade and eggs anyway?


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