1) Mages are fast monster killers ( 2nd only to champions)
   so u will gain EXP , pet EXP and TP much faster than warrior and priest...

2)  Mages can decide where to place their AOE (area of effect) skills( except fireblast)

3) Mages are the most crucial part of ATLANTIS AND MEDUSA   INSTANCE both cannot be done without a mage...
   and Mage gets to keep medusa's drop (A QUARTZ PLATE 4 if u are lucky )
4) A good mage gets a lot of respect ( people ^_^ up to  so that they can join your party for instances)
5) your character build is relatively easy compared to warrior or priest (u dont need to add HP restoration or healing stat , BUA gears are just fine..)


1)BOSSES : U will usually first hit all the bosses, all u have to do is stand on their spawning points and AFK flameblast on yourself...

2) PET : the brave rock elf pet by default has good strength savvy
  mages get maximum advantage from this because strength affects the life absorption u get when merged)


u can get a ghost jade, panda jade, bunny jade from item mall or buy from players ( ghost has skill to increase magic attack by 100) , but champions and warriors need to buy a WING RACE PET to get the same +100 increase in physical attack...
BUNNY give u upto 40 CRIT
PANDA gives u upto 180 life absorption ( blood **er 2 gives 150 at max)
the GHOST PANDA BUNNY combo is crucial for good mage.


  stand behind the cornermost pools and spam Flame blast near it
(FACT 1 : lowbies many times sneak through the line of defense by running along the map edges)
FACT 2 : lowbies have bad magic defense usually)

...they will see u spamming FB at the pool, but will pass anyway because many underestimate the damage caused by FB, there is a good chance of them lagging when they click on the pool and so they will get fried , feel free to use firelotus. thundercloud as u see fit)

(champions can do this too, but they have more important roles like tank-busting, priest killing and reclaiming ground)

this is a good strategy for the not so beastly mages that cant play pivotal role in the front line or at killing the pindus dragon)

for players with strong alts : just leave the mage afk spamming FB at pools...
this works even better with 2 or 3 mages spamming FB together..

NOTE : i have read dooms guide...
about the suicide bombing the FIREBLAST----> i wouldnt recommend it for people who are below rank7...because u'll be killed by champions and mages while u are charging the skill..( FIREBLAST HAS A HIGH CASTING TIME)

5 ) BEST AFK KILLER in the game (lets forget the ethical part of AFK killing)

FACT 1: most players use their physical damage set while AFK...
FACT 2: some players AFK in neutral territory
FACT 3: many feel safe around guards in thermopylae


A)priests may be hard to kill because they have auto  heal in  AFK ,

B) warriors usually have potions in their afk (which will get exhausted if u keep hitting them)

C)CHAMPIONS are sitting ducks , even the good ones dont have much MDEF(they usually use pdef set)....(just make sure u avoid/sustain their AOE damage)....SILENCE THEM !!it will last for a good 10 seconds...and spam skills, remember u can stay out of their AOE range and still place AOE next to them !!!!

D) THERMOPYLAE strategy:

many lv 120+ players afk in thermopylae as the monsters here provide 240 EXP....

most of them are smart to afk near a guard...BUT THEY CAN BE KILLED!!!

watch your prey closely and use AOE on the monster he is going to attack...the monster and player both will run towards u...thus u will draw him away from GUARD... silence him and spam skills....


1) people will loot u in atlantis while u AFK WITH FLAMEBLAST as is cant click on the dead mobs ( clicking ends the afk)
u will lose upto 30 dusts and 10-20 super healing or super mana potions as well as a few holybox 2 and  10k moneybags

2) U need a trustworthy team for MEDUSA instance, u dont want somebody looting your QP4!!!!

( both of this can be countered by creating alts ofcourse)

3) U will be in many peoples hunting list if u afk kill too much
( dont worry about it much though)

4)MOST IMPORTANT : if u ever lag , U ARE A GONNER!!!
be it PVP or instance, if u lag in PVP = sitting duck
if u lag in instance = no HP absorption = dead =  merge wasted.

UPDATE : PVP TIP : put lightball in zodiac instead of lightblade , most people put lightblade in defense zodiac hence they are lightball will hit them harder , test the damage done by both the skills and accorrdingly put the better one in zodiac as u run away

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Nice =]
Basic tip for everybody : Dont level up to fast, and make sure you are strong / have good items =]

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1)BOSSES : U will usually first hit all the bosses, all u have to do is stand on their spawning points and AFK flameblast on yourself...
How do can you be afk and spam fb on one spot?

and Mage gets to keep medusa's drop (A QUARTZ PLATE 4 if u are lucky )
Is this a rule of some kind?


Rule? not that I know..


can you please make a a guide for a holy stone for mage


i want to be a good mage


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Well if the others a busy killing  the other one, you could get  to keep QP4. If someone is near medusa and sees you take QP4, there is a good chance that he will call you looter.


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I was a priest and even with a mage spamming flameblast on me I usually had the first hit. There is something faster than flameblast and every classes can use it.


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True, warrior and champ can get it too if they time it correctly.