[Guide] Lost Book (Sparta Maps)

[Guide] Lost Book (Sparta Maps)

Lost or Incomplete Lost Books are items which you can exchange at the Whishing Pool for some rewards (Gems, Exp, TP, etc.). To get an Lost or Incomplete Lost Book you need to exchange some Books Chapters at the "Mysterious Elder NPC".

For an Incomplete Mystic Book you need Book Chapters 1 + 2 + 3 or 4 + 5 + 6.
For an Lost Book you will need Book Chapters 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7

To get Book Chapters you need to exchange Sheepskin Scrolls at Ancient Relics which are spread at Spartan Suburbs, Peloponnesus, Nemea and Argolis. Sheepskin Scrolls are found by killing "Boogie Monsters", From other players or by getting one free every day from "Mysterious Elder NPC".

Note: Sheepskin Scroll 7 is not tradable but able to be found by killing "Elite Boogie monsters"(rare drop rate) or from the "Mysterious Elder NPC".

After getting all your Sheepskin Scrolls your next step is finding all the Ancient Relics to exchange them to them for Book Chapters. When you go over your scrolls you will find that it will show you the map and cords of where to find this Ancient Relics.

Sheepskin Scrolls Cords:
#1   Map: Suburbs       Cords: -174, -193
#2   Map: Peloponnesus  Cords: -205, -96
#3   Map: Nemea         Cords: -180, 209
#4   Map: Nemea         Cords: 161, 202
#5   Map: Peloponnesus  Cords: 110, 186
#6   Map: Suburbs       Cords: 202, 233
#7   Map: Argolis       Cords: 194, 126





When you got all the Book Chapters you need go to the "Mysterious Elder NPC" and exchange your chapters for the book of your desire and head then to the Whishing Pool

Good Luck.

P.S:I made this Guide in order to help Spartans, I found another guide on the lost book but with Athens Maps so here is mine with Spartan Maps. If i made any mistakes please inform me to fix it ASAP. Thanks




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