Nick's guide to holy stones

Nick's guide to holy stones

this is a general discussion on holy stones, which classes should use which ones, and how to use them.

First of all the basics:

-Unless you have gold or enough silver to buy it off someone else do not make a holy stone. You will not be able to use it as the "equipment drilling" requires 230 gold for the first slot and 2300 for the second (E-gold is not useable)

-Holy stones can be bought using E-gold, gold, or honor (obtained through the medusa instance) and only characters level 100+ qualify for their use.

-After buying a holy stone you may upgrade it using eclipse stones, eclipse stone 1 for levels 2-4, eclipse stone 2 for levels 5-7, and eclipse stone 3 for levels 8-10. The current highest possible level is 8

-Heated holy stones hold all the fire spirits and can be used on hats, gloves, weapons and ring. Heated holy stones are used to increase damage.

-Cooled holy stones may hold all the water spirits and can be used on sleeves, chestpieces, boots, belts, leggings, shields, and amulets. Cooled holy stones are used to decrease damage taken or reflect damage.

Making the best of holy stones for your class:

-Champion: champions are the highest damage of all the classes and that is generally why they are used so much. Due to the fact that they have such high damage the best heated stone spirits to use would be that of assail and blood (if your crit rate is on the higher side). These spirits increase the percentage of damage dealt and bring out the best for champions. Cooled holy stones should contain damage percentage lowering spirits (intent, mist, or darkness)

-Warrior: Warriors are the high HP class with medium damage stats. They’re damage isn’t nearly as high as champions and their crit rate is relatively lower. Therefore the best spirit to use for a heated stone is typically the fire spirit of fist. In terms of cooled holy stones it is a good idea to use spirits of ice, which if piled enough can amount to a decent hit thrown back.

-Mage: Mages typically specialize in the high side of magic damage, so as par with champions, they should use spirits which increase damage percentage in heated holy stones. Mages tend to have a good amount of crit and usually can make better use out of the blood spirit than the lightening spirit. Cooled holy stones should lower percentage of damage (intent, mist, or darkness)

-Priests: priests are the class with high defenses and absorption, but usually the lowest damage and crit. Thus the best heated holy stone spirit for priests is the spirit of fiery. But priests can usually make much more use by stacking the effects of chilled holy stones with frost spirits. This leads to a decent damage sent back for each hit you take, and could essentially kill someone by healing.

Personal Experience:

-I don’t recommend trying to upgrade your holy stone past level 4, unless you have a lot to waste and a ton of patience, every time it fails, the stone goes back a level and with a 25% chance success rate, it’s just not worth it

-To make holy stones I usually use honor/E-gold to buy the base stone, then use honor to buy the level 1 eclipse stones with which to level it to 4, then buy the spirit and optional goddess stone using E-gold (mostly obtained from races)

-Holy stones are not the highest things on the list to use resources on; they generally have a lower effect than upgrading your equipment and therefore are not a first priority.

-I recommend always using the goddess stone when attaching a spirit to a holy stone

Server: Achilles
Character name: Nick2u


Good job! At least you did a rough analysis.

Personally, for warriors, reflect a fixed damage will be better if you can only drill 1 socket. The damage they receive is not so high because of high def and holy wand (Skill)

Check this 0.16%-0.4% VS 16- 40,apparently, if the average damage is higher than 10,000    reflect damage % is better, or  refllect a fixed amount damage is better(water spirit of frost)