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Merge Pet

My Accuracy when merge cant be increase
If my brave dog use pet skill Accuracy I , then merge with my main Brave RE... My accuracy when merge increase or not?
or got another ways to increase it except rebirth??
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Train pets higher up then 30, with like 10 merges on it and then merge that pet to ur main pet.

U can also reset basic savey values untill accuracy lower then now.

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Savvy increasing pet skill and contract spirits don't affect the additional savvies added to your pet when merged.

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Agreed best way is to lower basic savey on your main pets accuracy
is by using feathers to lower it as much as you want before you merge more pets into it

that way you can gain more points in your base savey and later use more feathers to then move those points around to get a desired amount of accuracy you want
be warned the feathers are expencive and you may need more then a couple to get what your looking for as its random
and if you dont lower your accuracy before you merge you will not gain more points for your savey

however etser
training a pet higher then lvl 30 is pointless
as lvling does not change the basic savey value and that is all that counts in a merge and rank these two things do not change during lvling a pet
pet skills that increase values only increase added values which do not count when merging
i have tried merging 20 pets into my secondary before merging into the main and it works very well if you use feathers like we suggest and lower the basic saveys on your main that the secondary pets highest basic saveys are to gain a better merge hope that makes sense