How to make a strong priest

How to make a strong priest

Priest are support units popular in parties in ordet to heal their allies
They also have buffs like mana shield which increased defense and magical defense
Priest have high defense and high magical defense but now high magical attack

Talent points of priest
Until level 50 you should increse your magical attack column at 15
Until level 50 you should increse your defense and magical defense column at 10
Until level 50 you should increase your healing at 10
And you should have all your other talents at 5

How to fight with your priest
You have to move always and stop only when casting when fighting with meele units like warrior and champion
You must heal if you see you are loosing hp
Use holy light and dripstone and while you waiting for cooldown you use windblade
You do the same when you are fighting with mages or priest but is no need to move

Forging with your priest
You dont need to make a good weapon like champions because priest are more defensife and supporting units
You must make your armor superior grade 5 and all your other gears good grade 4(your other gears should have healing option)Then you can make your weapon classic grade 7 and then you make your other gears all superior grade 5

Have fun with your priest
be yourself!


yaaa.... i dunno about this guide....



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Same here...

This is not a guide to make a strong priest... listen to us... the strong priests in the servers


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You must heal if you see you are loosing hp
this has inspired me to make a priest, i finally know the secret
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all priests knows this >.>
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a good priest ..   in the end the priest is the best for PvP   in my opinion.  first off though, sacrificing a few things to make room for healing..

Ring: healing %, crit bonus, matk lvl,   (choice  hp lvl or mdmg%)
amulet: crit resist, dodge, absorb, healing%
helmet: hit rating, crit bonus, matk lvl, healing %
weapon: hit rating, crit bonus, matk lvl, healing %
boots: dodge, crit resist, dmg absorb, hp lvl
cuffs: hit rating, crit resist, def lvl, mdef lvl (if you feel like it, swap mdef for dodge buff)
leggings: dodge, crit resist, def lvl, mdef lvl    ( "    "  )
belt: def lvl, mdef lvl, hp, crit resist
chest: def lvl, mdef lvl, hp, dodge  (if you feel like it swap out mdef for dodge buff)

i sacrifice mdmg %  and prefer crit chance. its just my opinion, but it seems to work better for me than mdmg%.     if you want your priest to be more of a tank, substitute capricorn for red star rings, and or turn matk cap into hp/mana cap.  
dont stop forging gears, and work on your weapon (bronze, silver, and gold that death stick!) and matk, because you cant always rely on others to help you kill mobs/players. just like with other classes, your top tp tree is a priority, but in addition, your healing skill should be given extra attention.

if someone gives you brass about healing while in pvp, just tell them they get to use all their skills, you should be allowed to as well